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Six Week Plant-Based Lifestyle Course with Jennifer Gawronski

Six Week Plant-Based Lifestyle Course with Jennifer Gawronski

WillowLight Center for Wholeness
500 Buffalo Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052, USA

Start Time
11/14/2017 6:00 pm
End Time
11/14/2017 7:00 pm
$149 for all six classes

This is a lifestyle course.  This means that we will discuss how to optimize our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, while living a plant based lifestyle. Is it designed to be a health focused educational six week program, no need to fear the “angry vegan”, it’s about dispensing information and allowing individuals to make their own decisions.   

Each week will highlight a different topic and how it relates to a plant based lifestyle.  Vegans are nothing more than human beings that respect all life, the earth and their own health.  They eat fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, nuts and of course the occasional cheesecake!  (cashew based of course)  There are no special requirements to be vegan; there are no specific height, weight or shoe size requirements.  We welcome all who wish to open their minds to more knowledge, open their hearts to more love and open their stomachs to delicious, easy to digest food.  All I ask is that you leave your fear of carbohydrates at home.


·  Six – 1 hour educational classes with handouts

·  Weekly recipes and samples

·  Weekly chances at raffles (prizes include gift cards, and services)

·  A pack of pH strips

·  Weekly meditation time

Class 1 October 24: Plant Based proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  We will discuss what the best sources are for these three macronutrients.  And the fact that you can THRIVE on only Plant Based foods and not just survive.  Also, what’s the deal with dairy?

Class 2 October 30: Movement/exercise.  Do you love to exercise?  Do you hate the thought of exercising?  We will learn the benefits of moving our body every day and discover which type of movement your body is craving right now.

Class 3 November 7: Acid/Alkaline Balance.  Did you know that the body does best when its pH is 7.34?  Are you eating an acidic diet or an alkaline diet?  We will discuss how to maintain and test our pH levels.

Class 4 November 14: Dis-ease.  We will discuss the 7 stages of dis-ease and how to stop, reverse or just altogether prevent dis-ease from occurring in your body.  Your body is always giving you signals, learn how to listen, recognize and respond.  Learn to live without pain and wake up with energy.

Class 5 November 21: Stress/Meditation/Holistic modalities.  Stress can halt and totally destroy your health endeavors.  We will discuss alternative options to alleviating aches, pains, and stress.

Class 6 November 28: Raw/Enzymes.  What does it mean to be a Raw Vegan or Fruitarian?  I’ve been on a Raw food journey since the beginning of 2017, I will share my ups, downs and enlightened moments with you. 

$149 for all six classes.

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500 Buffalo Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052, USA