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Peruvian Shamanism - Munay Ki Foundation Rites

Peruvian Shamanism - Munay Ki Foundation Rites

WillowLight Center for Wholeness
500 Buffalo Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052, USA

Start Time
08/27/2017 09:00 am
End Time
08/27/2017 4:00 pm
The cost for this workshop is $125

We open our hearts and minds to the teachings and practices of the shamans of the high Andes Mountains in Peru. Their cosmology is based on connection and communion with Mother Earth and Father Sun - a resonance with the Earth elements, wind, water, earth, mountains, oceans, animals, trees, flowers, and all-that-is. For our modern lives, this connection with and reverence for Nature brings healing, peace, and a Re-Connection with our essential being, which is love. 

The nine Munay-Ki energetic attunements are Rites of the Shaman's Path of the Q'ero nation, the descendents of the Inka, the indigenous people of the holy mountains of the Andes in Peru. Traditionally, one must spend many years in sacred study before and between receiving these Initiatory Rites. The Elders believe that we are at a critical juncture in human history and that these Rites need to be transmitted to as many people as possible. Their prophecies speak about a new human appearing on the planet – one who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature. The nine Munay-Ki Rites are given as the next step in the evolution of humanity; to realign and attune our neuropathways and truly shift human consciousness. These Initiatory Rites, in essence, empower us to step up to the task of assuming stewardship for the Earth and all creation. 

In this workshop, you will receive the three Foundation Rites: 

The Healer's Rite, which connects you to a lineage of Earthkeepers from the past who come to assist you with personal healing and awaken the healing power in your hands so that everyone you touch is given healing. These Earthkeepers work on us during our meditation and sleep time to heal the wounds of our past, and our ancestors.

The Bands of Power, in which five luminous belts are woven into your luminous energy field for protection. The bands act as filters, breaking down negative energy that comes toward you, and transmuting it to an energy that feeds Mother Earth.

The Seer Rite, which installs 5 cerebral pathways of light and connects the visual cortex with the heart and third eye. This profound rite awakens your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit.

In addition to receiving the Foundation Rites, in this workshop we learn to open and close personal and group sacred space, basics of Peruvian shamanism, and basic ritual medicine ground work with a mesa. We focus on connection and communion with Pachamama, Mother Earth in guided exercises, exporing Earth and Water elements. Bring a favored stone or crystal, and if you are called to do so, another small Earth item, such as a pine cone, flower, stick, stone, moss for the group mesa. Your stone/crystal will absorb the energies, and you take it home with you. 

Cost: The cost for this workshop is $125.

What to Bring: Bring a bagged lunch and a crystal, stone, or earth item to add to our group mesa. Water, tea, and healthy snacks will be supplied.

I am so happy to be offering this work. Love, light, peace, and blessings to you!    

Registration: Call Barbara Hallnan    716-912-2391

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500 Buffalo Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052, USA