More Than Just a Directory

So what makes us better than any directory on the planet?

Holistically Focused

Unlike Yelp, YellowPages, and other general directories who have unqualified traffic, we have highly qualified traffic.  This means the customer who lands on our site is looking for a holistic health practitioner and nothing else.  Who cares if there's a million users if none of them are looking for what you do?  

You're much more likely to be found when you're listed on WillowSource.  


It's our local, personal touch that make us special.  We know Western New York.  We live here, run our own holistic practices here and this is where we focus our marketing efforts.  You're not going to get a better bang for your buck at any other directory.

Simplify Your Marketing Efforts

It's daunting these days to find the best way to spend your marketing dollars and time.  Should you spend more time with Facebook, your own website or Youtube?  What about Pinterest or Instagram?  

How about you set up your profile on WillowSource and we advertise for you?  

Our platform allows you to focus your efforts in one place so we can focus on promoting you.  Just log into our simple, straightforward dashboard to add content and show your uniqueness.  You can even receive client reviews and ratings.  Plus, when you add content you can instantly share it on your Facebook page.  

When clients like what they see, it's easy for them to reach out to you.

Automate Your New Client Pipeline

Joining WillowSource is like adding an extra sales person tirelessly working on your behalf.

  All WillowSource plans include automated lead generation.  Once a client likes what they see, they can just click a button and send a brief message to you.  Our Free to Join plan charges just $5.00 per lead, while all other plans include unlimited free leads that go directly to your inbox without hassle or delay.  

Automated Appointment Scheduling

Our Member and Elite plans include an automated appointment scheduler so clients can book an appointment right from your profile page.  The scheduler automatically syncs with your Google calendar, iCalender or whatever online calendar you use, saving you precious administrative time.

Don't have an online calendar?  No time for technical stuff or technically challenged?  No worries. We'll help you get set up so you're not left on your own to figure it out.

Intuitive Dashboard

All WillowSource members get access to our simple to use dashboard makes it easy to manage leads, reviews and add content.

Authoritative Holistic Advocate

You're no longer alone in your battle for legitimacy. 

We regularly publish articles about the science behind holistic health modalities like reiki, message therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and more.   Promoting the science behind the benefits of holistic approaches is one of our principle goals.            

Hate Tech? No time? Become an Elite Member and let US handle it!

Our Elite members get elite service from WillowSource.  We think our platform is easy and intuitive to use, but we also understand that you may not think so.  Or you just may not have the time.  We know the difficulty in keeping up with yet another location to add your events, coupons and content to.  So you tell us where you originally post these things and we'll upload them for you and make sure it all looks awesome. 

Build Trust with Potential Clients

After an independent check of credentials and reputation, all paid members are designated as a "WillowSource Trusted Professional" and earn the badge to prove it.  Proudly display it on your website and WillowSource profile to show potential clients that you're one of the elite practitioners in the area.

*Risk Free - Cancel Anytime.  Free Plans Available.

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Whichever plan you choose, we know you're going to love it!