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Why Cupcakes and Yoga Pants are a Necessary Part of Balance

Why Cupcakes and Yoga Pants are a Necessary Part of Balance

by Kyle Post  

There’s a lot of talk about “being in balance”.  Balance with our diet, our exercise, our mental, emotional and spiritual needs, etc.  But what does it really mean to be “in balance”.  Is this really a state we can ever reach and stay in with consistency into perpetuity?  Or is it just some fantasy; the pursuit of which actually causes much more harm than good and even perpetuates our imbalance?

Recently, I found and shared a great meme on Facebook that said “Some days you eat salad and go to the gym, some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants.  It’s called balance.”  This not only made me laugh in agreement, but also made me think more seriously about this word “balance” and how it can lead to unrealistic expectations of ourselves and wreak havoc on our enjoyment of life when we don’t keep it in perspective.

Do you ever get into a good habit of eating right, exercising, taking care of your other needs such as walking consistently in nature, balancing friends and fun with hard work and alone time?  During these periods we often feel like, ok, I finally got this!  Now if I can just maintain this for the rest of my life, it’ll be perfect!  

Then something happens.  Maybe you get too busy and harried, something causes emotional upheaval or stress, or you have to put in extra hours to finish a work project and the so coveted balance starts to slip.  You suddenly realize you haven’t eaten in over eight hours and go to the snack machine to get some chips or a candy bar.  That two cups of coffee limit you’ve been imposing has somehow increased to three (or was it four?)  The time it takes to unwind before bed cuts into your seven hour sleep minimum, you’re too tired to exercise, and your dinner is a bowl of cereal and a pint of ice cream.  Your weekend turns into laying around in pajamas, watching movies and eating...yes...cupcakes (or pizza or frozen get the idea).

Is this a failure?  Well, I would suggest failure is only a failure when you give up hope and positivity and forget that everything, whether it’s balance or seemingly imbalance, is simply a passing thing.  It's neither bad nor good and really has no meaning other than what we give it.

So what meaning do you give this inevitable falling out of balance?  If you think you’ll have to start all over again from ground zero at some indeterminate time in the future after you've found your new rock bottom, then it’s destined to feel like a failure.  

But if you look at it as a needed and very much temporary antidote to the balance you’ve been in before the stresses in your life increased, it’s much more likely to actually be temporary.  Just a blip in your established lifestyle of balance rather than a complete failure and downward spiral.

We are not static beings.  We are constantly growing and changing and with this, our needs are constantly growing and changing.  Our ability to handle stress is constantly fluctuating based on our environment, situations, quite possibly the energy of the stars and planets and a host of other factors that are conscious, subconscious, unconscious and could be either within or outside of our locus of control.  Why then do we adhere to some idea that balance is a static state and that when we “fall out of balance” we need to criticize ourselves, even beat ourselves up, get discouraged and make ourselves miserable?

I propose that getting out of balance, sometimes waaaay out of balance is natural, healthy and necessary and is actually part of overall, long-term balance.  If we just accept that this is exactly as it should be and is what our body, mind and spirit needs right now, with this particular amount of stress, this particular set of circumstances, on this particular day, at this particular moment, the moment is sure to pass as quickly as a passing storm. We are doing these things as comfort to ourselves are we not?  Why then do we think additional self-criticism and the added stress this causes is in any way constructive?

So I say, enjoy those cupcakes fully in the moment.  Enjoy the break from duty on the weekend.  You probably need it.  Then try the next hour, the next day, or the next week, gently, to ease yourself back into the balance you had before.  Maybe it won’t all be at once.  Try to cut back on that coffee, or make time for a walk, or eat a salad.  Then one good habit will likely follow another until you see the time of imbalance as the passing anomaly that it is rather than a defining state of failure.

For those whose imbalance crutch of choice is alcohol (but who aren’t truly alcoholics), I’ll leave you with this last quote to pour over (pun intended):  

“Everything in moderation, including moderation”.  (I don’t know who originally said this, but it may quite possibly have been the Buddha).

Kyle Post is the co-founder of WillowSource and founder/owner of Origins Healing in East Aurora, NY.  In addition to working as a BioGenesis energy healer, Kyle combines his experiences with energy work and natural health to help those who are feeling stuck in any area of their life gain back their power, joy and self-confidence to manifest the life they desire.

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