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Past Life Regression: Bunk or Powerful Change Agent?

Past Life Regression: Bunk or Powerful Change Agent?

by Kyle Post  

I happen to believe in reincarnation and that traumatic events in past lives can have an adverse effect on the life we are living now.  Is this belief necessary to explain the benefits that can be achieved through past life regression hypnotherapy?  What if the past life events are unbelievable or are proven to be inaccurate?  I want to explore this here, but first, let me explain the wackiest past life regression you’re likely to read anywhere.  

The Unlikely Key to My Depression Recovery

I’m in a stone chamber with a high ceiling.  I’m wearing white robes and I take the golden crown from atop my head and gently place it on an old, wooden table.  I’m a king or pharaoh in ancient Egypt.  The chamber is dimly lit as I walk into the center of a pentagram drawn in white on the smooth stone-gray floor.  I start chanting incantations as I stand in the center of the pentagram and as I do, a dark mist coalesces across the room.  I can feel the darkness, the lack of love, the evil.  As the malevolence increases well beyond my expectations, my confidence falters, dread spreads, and fear grips my heart.  This fear creates a breach in the protection of the pentagram, and the summoned entity is on me like a flash, consuming my soul in a pit of never ending blackness.  My arrogance has cost me me everything.  My ambition to understand and heal dark forces and send them to the light has cost me my soul.  There’s only one way out now.  With the last remaining sliver of humanity, I pick up the dagger from the floor and place the point firmly against my own chest.  I cannot allow myself, the leader of my people, to be a puppet of this dark entity.

“Wait, wait!” says my hypnotherapist, stopping the action in my vision...”let’s go back to the place in-between lives and talk to your guides.  Is it in your highest and best interest to remove this dark entity now?”.  “Yes” they say emphatically.  He then guides me back to the scene, and my angelic guides remove the entity and send it into the light.   

The Effect is Real

Was this real or some elaborate fantasy?  I still question this myself.  However, the effect of this past life regression on me was undeniably real.  I was liberated from dark, negative thoughts that I could not control or dismiss, no matter how strong and healthy I was and no matter how clear it was to me that they weren’t true. I still had these thoughts arise for a while, but finally, for the first time in my forty-plus years, I experienced choice on whether to dwell on them or dismiss  them.  As I explained in a recent article, Depression: Finding a Natural Path to Recovery,  this, plus a little extra help from a root named He Shou Wu, liberated me from the effects of depression that I’ve struggled with all my life.

Skeptics Point of View

According to The Skeptic's Dictionary by RT Carroll, the sources of the memories recovered during past life regression are most likely cryptomnesia and confabulations.  

According to Wikipedia, “cryptomnesia is a memory bias whereby a person may falsely recall generating a thought, an idea, a tune, or a joke, not deliberately engaging in plagiarism but rather experiencing a memory as if it were a new inspiration.  A confabulation is the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.”  By this rationale, past life regression is basically remembrance of something we saw in a movie, read in a book, or experienced early in our lifetimes, but which we falsely believe to be a real memory of our own past lives.  This argument is used to completely invalidate past life regression, using cases where past life information does not prove to be accurate or is too fantastical to believe as proof.  

But I would argue that even if some cryptomnesia or confabulation is happening in certain cases, it does not render past life regression invalid.  Let me explain.

An Alternative View 

Mainstream scientists believe that only about 10% of our DNA is active as far as they can tell.

According to some scientists, our DNA is interdimensional and at the moment, is only partially active (see research by Vladimir Poponin and Pjotr Gariaev, Epigenetics, or research by Bruce Lipton, PhD.).  As we evolve in consciousness, the active percentage increases which activates our latent higher functions.  

What if our ability to recall memories from past lives is a higher function of our DNA that is not yet fully turned on, or is in different levels of activation for different people?  It might be like using morse code instead of a direct phone line; clumsy and crude.   Perhaps the part of us that’s connected to these memories must sometimes use the experiences and images attained in this lifetime to communicate the gist of the past life experience important to our issue.  Although it may not be an accurate representation of events in every detail, it may accurately reflect the trauma and emotional effect that we’ve carried across lifetimes and is now ready to be healed.  

So in my regression, laying down the crown could be a symbol of putting aside my upstanding, moral character and personal power.  The dark magic could have symbolized a moral dilemma or evil plot that I was involved in but that I thought I could stop from within the perpetrators’ circle.  This arrogance ended up with me being found out, creating fear, shame, guilt, despair and powerlessness that caused me to take my own life.  The effects of this could be that I carried this fear and powerlessness into future lives, rendering me powerless over negative thoughts.

If this explanation was true, why would my higher mind not just show a more accurate representation of events?  Well, in my experience in healing many past traumas, fully reliving the “feeling” and letting it go is much more important than the accurate mental understanding of events.  The black magic scenario may have been a shortcut to get me to feel the intense fear and powerlessness without the long plot setup.  Regardless of whether this memory was authentic or not, as I’ve said, the effect on me was real and undeniable.

Why Past Life Regression Hynotherapy Works

Just to be clear, not all past life regression visions are so flamboyant.  Several of mine were much more mundane, and perhaps even an accurate representation of events.  But again the effect was real and measurable.

How can past life regression be such a powerful agent for healing?  Well, in addition to forcing you to feel the full effect of the emotional trauma inflicted during a past life event and letting it go, the process also involves forgiving the perpetrators as well as yourself.  Forgiveness, empathy and compassion are some of the most powerful manifestations of love available to us and powerful healers.  

In addition, when we are taken out of the scenario to act as a third party observer, which is what my hypnotherapist does with me immediately after experiencing the trauma, we are more able to forgive ourselves for any shame, guilt or other negative feelings we may be carrying.  We see ourselves as another person broken and hurt in another time, which kicks in our innate altruistic nature to help a fellow human being in need.

What about the perpetrators that you forgive?  Is it possible that these are real people who have also reincarnated, and that your forgiveness helps heal them on some level in this lifetime?  I would say absolutely, yes.  Anyone who has prayed for someone who later tells you they had an insight or breakthrough at around the time of your prayer knows the power that positive intent can have on others.

What if I Don’t Believe in Reincarnation?

Would this all work if it wasn’t really a past life you were viewing?  Why not?  What if instead of a past life, you were viewing a symbolic representation of an event or series of events in this life that led you to feel emotional pain and kept you from realizing your true power? If it effectively evoked the negative feelings you’ve been holding on to, and you then let them go and forgave everyone involved, could you gain freedom from those negative feelings and tremendous benefits thereafter?  Certainly!  Furthermore, the other people in the past life vision could very well still be representations of real people in your life. 

I doubt many disbelievers of reincarnation will be moved to try past life regression based on this article, even if they did click on it or read it this far!  But if you’re a disbeliever, I hope this opens your eyes to the possibility that the effects are real and there are other possible mechanisms at play. 

Is Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy for You?

Obviously, if you have no belief in reincarnation, then past life regression may not be for you.  Many of the same practitioners that perform past life regression also offer more traditional hypnotherapy that can have similar, long lasting benefits.  This may be an alternative to try if you’ve been struggling with a stubborn issue.  

However, if you’re open to the idea that you’ve had past incarnations, past life regression hynotherapy can make all the difference in healing a stubborn issue you’ve struggling with.  Even if you do have some skepticism about the more outrageous details you may get! 

If you're interested in trying Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy in Western New York, I've personally had excellent results from Peter McLaughlin founder of Blue Sky Hypnosis.  You can find his WillowSource profile by clicking here.  

Kyle Post is the co-founder of WillowSource and founder/owner of Origins Healing in East Aurora, NY.  In addition to working as a BioGenesis energy healer, Kyle combines his experiences with energy work and natural health supplements to help those who are feeling stuck in any area of their life gain back their power, joy and self-confidence to manifest the life they desire.

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