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Mediumship: Healing from the Inside Out

Mediumship: Healing from the Inside Out

by Judith Hartke  

The woman sat across from me with tears streaming down her face. Her rigid posture had melted into the slump of blessed relief. The years of agonizing doubt erased in a few sentences.

After a long marriage and family raised, her husband had left her with a dark and vindictive parting shot by insisting that he had never, ever loved her. What followed had been a bitter, contentious divorce as both parties battled for supremacy in a malicious dance between their worst selves.

In the midst of it all, the sudden passing of the husband cut short whatever path their personal healing might have taken. The woman found herself swimming in bottomless loss. By the time she sat in my office that evening, she had been searching for hope, healing, and closure for many years. Doctors, counselors, therapists, yoga. Nothing had worked as she grappled with his parting words and all their ramifications to a life she feared had been a complete lie.

A medium translates energy for those who do not feel able to do so for themselves. We all have abilities to discern life’s deeper levels, but it often comes more naturally and easily to the few who choose to hone their natural talent.  Bridging the gap between the layers of energy that make up our true world, each practitioner has various types and levels of skills and ways of using them.

In this woman’s session, I translated the energies of all that had traveled with her in the form of deceased relatives and friends. She sat with arms crossed as time after time they brought greetings of affection and support. Stone-faced and silent, she was unmoved by their professions of love and caring.

As we neared the end of her session, the energy that had been her husband finally came in. Reticent to appear, he slowly began to share images of all the times he had visited her and tried to communicate. For proof, he projected images of her making bread in her kitchen in her brown and red bowl. He described details that no one else but her could have known. He communicated how profoundly sorry he was about what he had said and how he had lived the last months of his life. And finally, he communicated how deeply and completely he had really loved her. The cold façade of the woman finally crumbled.

The difficulties of communicating with the people who have transitioned to the next stage of their journey can be challenging but are not insurmountable. Those healing conversations can still be had, the professions of love and support are still being said, and the experience of relationship does not end.

A Professional Medium can assist in this process. Just like in any relationship, communication is key and that does not end when we pass. Though our loved ones who have passed are always accessible to us, can hear us, and often know what we have been thinking, the value of being able to hear THEM can be life-altering. Sometimes just the proof that someone is still with us is enough to give us hope and connection. At other times, it is those pieces of information, opinions, or explanations that give our souls the healing and peace we deeply crave.

The genre is slowly and irrevocably emerging into the mainstream, as shows like “Long Island Medium” and “Crossing Over” bring a shadowy and often misunderstood field into the living rooms of America. These people look downright normal! Gone is the flavor of the dark occult and in its place is a new kind of practitioner.

These days, many Mediums and Psychics are college educated and are often former counselors, nurses, educators, or other professionals who have embraced their natural talents. More than a few have a deep interest in Quantum physics and neuroscience as it pertains to the human experience. They know science will catch up, but in the meantime, they are hard-pressed to find acceptable words to explain the unexplainable.

What IS easy to explain is the fact that, when used as a part of a whole-health regime, booking an appointment with a talented and reputable psychic or medium can be very beneficial. The desire for reassurance, connection, and guidance is universal, and with the mainstreaming of it, it's no longer relegated to the churches or traditional self-help groups

As with any profession however, when engaging a Medium it’s important to do your homework. As my old boss used to say, “50% of doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class”. Mediumship has certainly had its share of detractors and disbelievers due to a combination of fears, beliefs, prejudices, and misunderstandings. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the profession is also like any other and has its own ‘bottom half of the class’.  

Word of mouth, looking at reviews, and doing a simple google search to see just where he or she is coming from are important steps in choosing the person who is right for you. And remember that no one is responsible for your healing but you. Mediums are a valuable resource that can assist you on your path but are not a replacement for medical care or meant to be used to abdicate responsibility for your own choices.

There are many paths to wholeness and many ways to experience life. Mediumship is a non-traditional, holistic approach to health and healing, and the results are often stunningly beyond this world.

Judith Hartke is the co-founder of WillowSource and founder/owner of WillowLight Center for Wholeness in East Aurora, NY. In addition to working as a BioGenesis Energy Healer , Judy is a Nature and Spirit Artist. In this work, she combines mediumship skills with artistry to capture the images of spirits supporting us, and to relay any messages they wish to communicate.  

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