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Consider Chiropractic, the Safest Alternative for Back Pain

Consider Chiropractic, the Safest Alternative for Back Pain

by Judith Hartke  

A few weeks ago, while speaking with someone who worked as a physical therapist, I brought up the subject of Chiropractic. Without batting an eye, she shared her belief that most chiropractors were complete frauds and charlatans. I`ve always considered the person I was speaking with to be an even-keeled, intelligent and open-minded professional, but I could see that with this subject, I'd hit a nerve.

My experience with Chiropractic has led me to a much different conclusion. It would be hard to count the times that a chiropractor`s talents had rescued me from unbearable pain, and I count as one of my dearest friends a chiropractor of uncommon abilities. Her knowledge, dedication, and ability to change my world from one of overwhelming abject misery to sunshine in just few short visits far surpasses any experience that I have had with the traditional medical profession.

Don’t get me wrong…. Had I experienced a broken bone, required stitches, or had some other healthcare crisis in which critical and timely medical intervention was necessary, I might be writing something about the traditional medical profession instead. But that has not been the case, and this person’s comment was so off the mark from my own experiences that it prompted me to do a bit of exploring.

Chiropractic care has its roots in the ancient belief that the human body possesses an inherent power to heal itself. Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and neurological function, and how that relationship can affect health.

Scanning research on the topic has brought interesting results. Many of the scientifically controlled studies I found drew conclusions suspiciously in favor of whatever side seemed to be funding them. The Wikipedia  on Chiropractic favors a slightly negative view of available research conclusions, but I found plenty of studies showing the benefits of Chiropractic as well.

One recent study funded by the National Institute for Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine shows that 57 percent of those who met with DCs reported at least a 75 percent reduction in pain, compared to 33 percent of the people in the medication group. Another study found “significantly higher” levels of both neurotensin and oxytocin in research participants after receiving chiropractic manipulation – indicating that chiropractic treatments can help a patient’s pain on a cellular level by affecting the chemical makeup of the body.

Regardless of what research you read, what we do know for certain is that Chiropractors are well educated: A Physical Therapy degree requires 3,870 educational hours, a Doctor of Osteopathy 4,665, Chiropractor 4,620, and a Medical Doctor 4,800.

We also know that for treatment of pain, they are the safest alternative to medication or surgery. A chiropractic treatment carries with it a less than one in a million risk of death or serious injury, while spine surgery is 1,800 per million, and pain medication 53 per million.

In a recent Gallup poll, Americans are 5 times more likely to see a Chiropractor for treatment of their pain than a Physical Therapist, and 61% of the population believes that Chiropractic can be an effective for drug-free treatment for neck and back pain. While many people prefer to take a pill for whatever ails them, more and more are first exploring safe, natural and non-invasive techniques to re-gain or maintain their good health.

While Chiropractic care is clearly here to stay as an accepted part of our healthcare landscape, it is still often viewed with suspicion by the mainstream medical community. That seems to be slowly changing as the tide of public interest flows relentlessly towards the path of more prevention, less invasive techniques, and fewer drugs as the public’s trust of big pharma continues to erode. New programs are introducing Chiropractors into emergency rooms, spine treatment centers, and integrated medical centers.                       

One thing that we can be sure of as we continue down the path of a rapidly changing healthcare arena is that practices that are effective and serve a greater good will endure and continue to evolve with the needs of the public. It appears that as an innovative, non-invasive option, Chiropractic’s place in our developing, increasingly holistically-minded healthcare scene is assured.

Judith Hartke is the co-founder of WillowSource and founder/owner of WillowLight Center for Wholeness in East Aurora, NY. In addition to working as a BioGenesis Energy Healer , Judy is a Nature and Spirit Artist. In this work, she combines mediumship skills with artistry to capture the images of spirits supporting us, and to relay any messages they wish to communicate.  

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