Welcome to WillowSource

Our mission is to promote the many benefits of holistic health and to help people find the perfect holistic practitioner for their needs.  We do this through education and by providing a platform where local area holistic practitioners can present themselves and the benefits they provide.  

For holistic practitioners, we are much more than just a directory.  We're a community of like-minded, spiritual seekers who are dedicated to healing others with compassion, tolerance and love.    

But make no mistake, WillowSource is also a for-profit business focused on providing financial results to our members.  And we do this with the utmost of integrity.   We believe the sustainable path to financial success is to be honest in all our dealings, and to help clients and practitioners connect with each other based on complete and trust-worthy information.  To find out more about how WillowSource invests in your success, click here.

The WillowSource Team
The founders are two very dedicated individuals with a combined business background of over 40 years and holistic healing experience of over 20 years.  Let us introduce them to you...

Kyle Post - Co-founder and Director of Technology

The only thing Kyle likes more than traveling to exotic new locales or hiking out in nature with his camera and two sons is learning about the latest tech. He has a knack for writing as well as technical stuff and sometimes loses track of time and space when focusing on a task (until you invite him out for a good cup of coffee or a hike in the woods).    

Kyle spent 20 years working for large corporations in finance, consulting and as a lead for global software implementations.  His work took him all over the world and included a three year living stint in Hong Kong and Australia.  He's grown immensely from working with diverse cultures but he's also learned that he's happiest working creatively for himself.  So in early 2017 he left the corporate world to pursue a life of entrepreneurship.

On the holistic front, Kyle had a sort of awakening back in 2001 which led him down a winding spiritual path that included shamanism, vipassana meditation, mediumship, energy healing and eventually to BioGenesis.  BioGenesis is a powerful energy healing modality that had a measurable effect on Kyle's physical health and emotional well-being.  He liked it so much in fact, that he opened his own practice in 2015 to share it's benefits along with those of shamanism and general wellness and to help others live a powerful, joyful life.  

His practice, Origins Healing, is located at WillowLight Center for Wholeness in East Aurora.  This is also where he oversees technical development for WillowSource when he's not helping clients or hiking in the beautiful Knox Farm State Park across the street.  He's grateful to finally be able to combine his passion for holistic health with his business acumen.   

Judy Hartke - Co-founder and Director of Business Development

Judy’s life path has always been a fascinating experiment in manifestation… winding through roads she first conjured in her mind then watched to see them take form like magic before her.

Leaving corporate employment in 2001 to pursue a career as a wildlife artist, her years of painting, travel, and spending countless hours in nature allowed her the space for exploring life’s deeper truths and many unanswerable yet fascinating questions. A transformative first session of BioGenesis Energy work in 2009 cemented her desire to explore and experience life at a deeper level.

In 2011, her love for nature, all things spiritual, and wish for a community of like minds prompted her to create a center for experience and learning on the historic Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, which became home for her 800 member “East Aurora Spiritual Development Meetup”.

Judy’s growing wish to connect holistic and spiritual talent with those seeking greater spiritual truths, holistic healing, connection and support soon led to the creation of the larger “WillowLight Center for Wholeness” in 2014. The center is home to 10 holistic and spiritual practitioners, many talented volunteers, and classrooms that provide a space of learning and growth for over 3,200 Western New Yorkers.

Each step has been a building block of knowledge, skills, and experience that brought her to just the right place and time for the co-creation of WillowSource with the very talented Kyle Post. While East Aurora’s WillowLight provides a physical structure that is currently limited by space, geography, and logistics, WillowSource is a community without limits and with endless opportunity for its members and those seeking assistance and community.

While not working on WillowSource or WillowLight, Judy feels extraordinarily blessed to be able to spend her time working (she’s a Capricorn) at painting, BioGensis Energy work, Spirit Art Readings, and being a mom to her amazing daughter.

Satisfaction Promise

We'll always connect you with the best holistic practitioners that meet your specific needs.